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Candle Care

Did you know candle wax has a burn memory?

Candles need a little care to get the best from the burn and hot throw scent. Here is a short guide to help you get the best from your candle.

Before you burn your new candle for the first time we advise you trim the wick to about 5mm or 1/4" and make sure the wick is straight. Do this each time you burn your candle for the best results, it avoids the wick 'mushrooming' and prevents the flame becoming smoky.

Once you have lit your candle let it burn for around 3 hours but not for more than 4 hours so you have an even 'meltpool' of liquid wax across the width of the container. Candle wax has a 'memory' and doing this prevents 'tunnelling' where the candle only burns in the middle. Allow your candle to rest for 2 hours between burns.

The best way to put your candle to bed is with a snuffer. Blowing the candle out can cause some of the wick to drop into the wax or damage to the wick.

Candles get hot, so don't touch them! Place the candle on a surface that won't be damaged by heat like a bespoke candle holder, ceramic tile or plate.